Olive, Charlotte and Poppy with Adam Vance, who received Australian citizenship.

Council welcomes new Australian citizens

03 Aug 2018

Thirty-seven Blue Mountains residents became Australian citizens on 28 July.  

The Citizenship Ceremony - run by Blue Mountains City Council on behalf of the Minister for Home Affairs - was officiated by Mayor, Cr Mark Greenhill.

Council holds four to five ceremonies per year, welcoming more than 30 residents each time.

“It is an honour to confer Australian citizenship to people who appreciate and value our society so much that they wish to become one of us and make Australia their home,” the Mayor said.

“I warmly congratulate our citizenship conferees for taking the final step in their journey to become Australian citizens.”

The new Australian citizens were born in 21 countries including the United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Fiji, India, Italy, South Korea, Malaysia, Mauritius and the United States.

Many have been residents of the Blue Mountains, or Australia, for some years before taking the pledge.

“For some, the decision to become an Australian citizen means adapting to a new culture and perhaps a new language,” the Mayor said at the ceremony, held at the Blue Mountains Theatre.

“However, it is important to emphasise to each of you, that you are not expected to renounce cultural identity, customs or traditions, which are a vital part of your heritage. I am proud that the City of Blue Mountains is forever woven into your personal and Australian story.”

Darug Elder, Aunty Val Aurisch, and Gundungurra man David King, offered a Welcome to Country to the new citizens.

Family and friends of the new Australian citizens also attended the ceremony in support of loved ones on this important occasion.

Caption: Olive, Charlotte and Poppy with Adam Vance, who received Australian citizenship.

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