Council scores well in Community Satisfaction Research

07 Jun 2018

Blue Mountains City Council received a positive report card from its 2018 Community Survey which indicates a high level of community satisfaction with the performance of Council.

The survey assesses the perceptions, expectations and priorities of a representative cross-section of local residents relating to Council services and facilities, and more broadly, the Blue Mountains as a place to live. Independent social research consultancy, Micromex Research, conducted the survey in March this year.

Mayor, Cr Mark Greenhill, said, “The results of the 2018 Community Survey are very positive and indicate a level of community satisfaction, overall, with Council’s performance. 

In fact, the overall satisfaction rating for Council’s performance was higher than the average satisfaction score for all NSW councils. This is a great result.” 

Other key findings of the survey include:

  • 87% of residents are satisfied* with the performance of Council;
  • More residents felt that services provided by Council are good value for money than the 2016 survey;
  • Of the 42 services and facilities mentioned in the survey, 35 were rated at a moderate satisfaction level (3 out of 5 rating) or higher. 
  • 82% of residents indicated that they are satisfied* with the level of information provided, community consultation and advocacy undertaken;
  • Of those residents who had contact with Council staff in the last 12 months, 89% of indicated being satisfied* with the performance of Council staff;
  • Of those residents who had contact with elected Councillors, 77% were satisfied* with their overall performance.
  • The five services with the highest level of community satisfaction are: household garbage collection; household recycling collection; library services; cultural & arts facilities; and clean, safe and healthy living environments. Council lookouts and walking trails follow closely.
  • Issues of greatest concern in the Blue Mountains area are traffic congestion, road maintenance and road safety; bushfire prevention and protection; appropriately managing development; and the effect of the planned Western Sydney Airport; and maintaining the natural environment.
(*rated as ‘somewhat satisfied’, ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ on satisfaction rating scale).

The Mayor said the results are particularly pleasing given the recent organisational challenges. “I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the General Manager and Council staff in their day to day delivery of services and customer service that has contributed to such a healthy level of community satisfaction with Council’s performance”, he said. “The survey helps the Council understand the priorities of our community including which service areas have high community satisfaction and which have lower levels of satisfaction.”

“The Council is committed to continuously improving our service delivery to meet the needs of the community”, said the Mayor.

Blue Mountains City Council has been conducting community surveys on a regular basis since 1996.

The full Community Satisfaction Research report is available here.

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