Council Manager appointed to World Heritage Committee

28 Nov 2019

Council Manager appointed to World Heritage Committee

Blue Mountains City Council Environment Manager, Nick Rigby, has been appointed as one of two local government representatives to the Greater Blue Mountains Area (GBMA) World Heritage Advisory Committee.

The NSW Government Minister for Environment, Matt Keane, advised Mr Rigby in writing of his appointment for a period of three years, until 23 August 2022. 

“It’s fantastic to have a Blue Mountains City Council employee on board this committee,” said Mayor Cr Mark Greenhill. “I congratulate Nick on this significant appointment.”

The GBMA World Heritage Advisory Committee was established in 2006 to advise on matters related to the identification, protection, conservation, and presentation of the Greater Blue Mountains area, including strategic policies about Australia’s obligations under the World Heritage Convention.

The Committee plays a crucial role in establishing linkages with community, local government, Aboriginal groups and local businesses. It also provides policy and scientific advice to both NSW and Federal governments.

“I am proud to have received confirmation from the Minister for Energy and Environment of my appointment to this Committee,” said Mr Rigby. “It’s a really exciting opportunity and will provide a great avenue for raising issues on behalf of the City.”

Mr Rigby has nearly 30 years of senior management experience in the fields of cultural heritage, natural environment, land administration and community engagement. His previous roles have included Manager, Cape Byron Reserve Trust Board, Regional Manager with the NSW NPWS, Chief Executive Officer of the Lord Howe Island Board and Director of Wildlife Management for Queensland. 

He is passionate about working in partnership with community and industry to protect, enhance, and together sustainably benefit from, the natural and cultural environment.

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