Council endorses Blue Mountains Economic Statement

31 May 2019

A summary of Blue Mountains City Council’s current actions and strategic direction for economic growth in Blue Mountains City was endorsed at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 28 May, 2019.


Mayor, Cr Mark Greenhill, said: “The Blue Mountains Economic Statement 2019-2021 outlines Council’s support for sustainable business, given our unique position as a city located in a World Heritage National Park.


“It aligns with the ‘thrive’ key directions of the Community Strategic Plan, notably to support a diverse, vibrant, strong and sustainable economy with increased local employment.


“It also has relevance for other objectives outlined in the Plan, including community resilience to disaster and the identity of town centres.”


The Economic Statement is a high level statement only. It will be used as a tool for further consultation in the development of the broader Economic Strategic Plan and is underpinned by a vision in which, by 2035, our local economy is stronger and more sustainable.


In 2016, Council began community consultation on its Economic Strategic Plan at a roundtable featuring a diverse range of 13 organisations and community groups.


This discussion provided Council with useful information about challenges and opportunities for the business community in the Blue Mountains and further strengthened Council’s links with a number of industry representatives. 


The endorsed draft Economic Statement notes that Council seeks to achieve economic outcomes that simultaneously achieve good social outcomes. For example, seeking to increase training and employment options for young people in the Blue Mountains, thus retaining them in area.


Read the Blue Mountains Economic Statement 2019-2021

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