Two women kneeling on the ground, planting a new tree

Council celebrates National Tree Day with plantings and new “Tree Health” video series

29 Jul 2022

This Sunday, 31 July is National Tree Day. With around 300,000 people around the country involved, it is Australia’s largest community tree planting and nature care event.

Since the program was first launched by Planet Ark in 1996, over 26 million trees have been planted by volunteers around the country, with this year’s goal to see another one million trees planted.

Council is planting hundreds of trees across three locations in the lower Blue Mountains as part of the Greening our City project which aims to combat the increased temperatures associated with loss of tree canopy cover, otherwise known as the “urban heat island effect.” 

Raising awareness about how to look after trees is also important, and so to coincide with National Tree Day, Council is releasing the first of a series of educational “Tree Health” videos which have been produced by Council’s tree management and environment teams. 

The videos aim to give residents in the Blue Mountains tips on how to keep trees healthy, as well as information on what to do if you have any concerns about trees in public areas. 

Mayor, Cr Mark Greenhill said: “While Blue Mountains residents are blessed to be living in a World Heritage National Park where we are surrounded by nature, National Tree Day is a wonderful opportunity to highlight the personal difference we can all make to preserving and protecting our natural environment.

“Planting a tree makes an important contribution to cooling the climate, trees also provide essential habitat for our native birds and wildlife. I’d encourage all Mountains residents to get involved in this highly worthwhile initiative.” 

Watch the first video, BMCC Tree Heath – Part 1: Ageing 

For more information on National Tree Day and to find events in your local area, please visit the National Tree day website

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