Council calls on kids to have their say about what is important to them!

01 Nov 2021

While kids can’t vote in the upcoming local government elections, that doesn’t mean they don’t have an opinion – and Blue Mountains City Council would like to hear it.

Council is inviting 5 to 12 year olds in the Blue Mountains to voice their views on the Kids Say website, a platform established by Council last year especially for kids.

There are currently two projects that Council is particularly interested in hearing about:

Project 1: We want to know what’s important about the community you live in. What do you want elected local representatives to know about what matters to you?
Project 2: We have been asking parents how they manage their childcare choices, whether it’s family, grandparents or before and after school care. Now we want to hear about the experience of childcare from a kid’s point-of-view.

The Blue Mountains also has a Youth Council that meets monthly and develops a program of actions to increase opportunities and improve services for young people aged 12 to 20. These young people share their opinions and ideas with Councillors and staff. More information is available on the Youth Council webpage

“Just because our children don’t yet have a vote, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a voice – and that voice is important to us,” said Blue Mountains CEO Dr Rosemary Dillon.

“With adults preparing to vote for their community representatives at the 4 December Council elections, we want to hear from children about what adults should know about their experience and what matters to them.

“Children and young people bring a unique perspective to how our villages and communities work and we need to take this into account as we plan, deliver, and advocate for services in the community.

“Council is also currently conducting research with parents and carers about how they manage their childcare needs. As we learn from parents how they manage, we also want to hear from kids about their experience of childcare.”

The last Kids Say project, for 5 to 12 year olds, determined locations for the 11 Kids Street Libraries across the Blue Mountains. Information gathered from the Kids Say platform this time will be presented to the newly elected Council.

To get involved, let us know what you think and five kids can win one of our lucky draw prizes in each project – choose from a voucher for a book or art supplies. A parent/guardian will need to give permission for their children’s participation by registering for them on the Kids Say platform.

Get more information about Kids Say.
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