General Manager Rosemary Dillon

Council appoints General Manager

25 Jul 2018

Mayor, Cr Mark Greenhill, has announced the appointment of Rosemary Dillon to the permanent role of General Manager of Blue Mountains City Council, following last night’s Council meeting.

Ms Dillon was appointed as a General Manager in November 2017 for a period of 12 months following the retirement of the former General Manager.  

“Rosemary has demonstrated extraordinary leadership in extremely difficult circumstances over the last nine months and has been a stabilising presence for the Council when it was needed the most”, said the Mayor.

“In my experience, Rosemary is driven by a natural desire to serve the community, to enrich the lives of individuals, create a more just and caring workplace, and ultimately, build a better organisation.”

The Mayor said that Ms Dillon’s extensive knowledge and experience of local government, the Council and the City of Blue Mountains, coupled with her high level of passion for the region, is invaluable to the organisation. 

“She brings extensive professional experience in corporate strategic business planning and community development planning and engagement which is highly regarded”, he said. “Ms Dillon will provide a clear direction for the organisation.”

“I am proud that Rosemary is the first woman in the role of General Manager.”

The Mayor said that the General Manager and Mayor must act as a team in the interests of the Council, the City and the community. 

“The General Manager and I have a shared vision and a deep mutual respect. I know this will serve us well as, together, we continue to lead the organisation to deliver the best value services to the community as possible, and respond to all challenges and opportunities that arise.”

Prior to her appointment as General Manager, Rosemary most recently held the position of Group Manager, Integrated Planning and Finance, with Council and has been a long time member of Council’s Leadership Team. 

Ms Dillon was responsible for managing the development of the multi-award winning City Strategy – Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025, which has recently been updated, and for coordinating the development of the Council’s 10 year Resourcing Strategy, 4 year Delivery and 1 year Operational Plans.  

In addition, she has worked on a number of Boards and committees in varying roles including the Blue Mountains World Heritage Advisory Institute Board and Korowal School. Ms Dillon is a long-time resident of the Blue Mountains. She has a Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning from with first class honours from University of New England Bachelor a PhD qualification in Human Geography from the Australian National University.

“I congratulate Rosemary on her permanent appointment and look forward to continuing to work with her in leading the organisation to build a successful future for the City of Blue Mountains.”

Photo: Shared Vision for the City - Mayor, Cr Mark Greenhill, has announced the appointment of Rosemary Dillon to the permanent role of General Manager at Blue Mountains City Council.


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