Council adopts masterplan for Blackheath Soldiers Memorial Park

11 Sep 2020

Over the last two years, Council has been developing a draft Masterplan for Blackheath Soldiers Memorial Park with extensive community input. 

The preliminary masterplan for this District Park was drafted after community consultation between 2018 and 2019, before going on public exhibition earlier this year. This included designs for the proposed City Deal funded toilet and accessible pathway designs.

Mayor Mark Greenhill said: “I’d like to thank the community for their input into the development of the masterplan for this significant heritage park in Blackheath.

“Council is now pleased to adopt the Masterplan and to ensure elements are in keeping with the Plan of Management and the community vision regarding style and aesthetic, while providing for incremental improvements in accessibility.”

The Masterplan provides direction for the landscaped section of the park and the natural bushland sections will be managed in accordance the Plan of Management. 

The bushland links to Popes Glen, across Prince Edward Street, which is currently undergoing community consultation regarding a separate project on that site.

In line with the needs of the community, a high priority action is for an accessible pathway from ANZAC gates to the pools, playground, picnic area and proposed new toilet. This work is expected to commence early next year.

A masterplan is a detailed plan that guides future design and development for public spaces. It is used to improve function and access, while recognising and enhancing the existing character, improving amenity and social activity for both residents and visitors. Masterplans must be endorsed by Council.

Blackheath Soldiers Memorial Park is one of four District Parks in the Blue Mountains. District parks are large and high quality parks that cater to the needs of the broader Blue Mountains community. They offer a wider variety of activities and settings and are often the most popular parks and playgrounds. 

To see the masterplan and the concept design of the new toilet block to be constructed at the park next year go to

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