Cr Romola Hollywood; Mayor, Cr Mark Greenhill; Linden Resident’s Association reps Lewis Morley & Marilyn Pride; Deputy Mayor, Cr Chris Van der Kley  and Cr Brent Hoare welcome the development of a conservation management strategy for the historic remnant of Cox’s Road

Conservation management strategy for section of historic Cox’s Road

16 Aug 2018

Blue Mountains City Council has completed a conservation management strategy for remnant sections of the historic of Cox’s Road in Linden.

The strategy provides the framework for the appropriate care, conservation and ongoing use of remnant sections of Cox’s Road. Located near Dawes Park in Linden, the section of road is a State significant heritage item listed on the NSW State Heritage Register.

Ward 2 Councillor, Romola Hollywood, said: “There are significant day to day threats to the remnants of Cox’s road so it is important that we plan for the care and conservation appropriate to its heritage status.

“The focus of the plan is on a section of Cox’s Road in Linden which represents many conservation issues typical elsewhere through the Blue Mountains.”

Mayor, Cr Mark Greenhill, said, “Our heritage - archaeological, built, Aboriginal and environmental - is part of the cultural fabric of the Blue Mountains and NSW. We need to protect and conserve it.”

In July 1814 Cox began supervising the making of the 163km long road from Emu Plains to Bathurst completed in only six months on 14 January 1815. He was given 30 labourers and a guard of eight soldiers. Today, only a few sections of the existing highway follow the original route. The abandoned sections of Cox’s Road traverse across Local and State Government land and private property. 

Deputy Mayor and Ward 2 Councillor, Chris Van der Kley said, “the increasing use of this section of Cox’s Road to access the popular Paradise Pool swimming hole in the adjacent National Park would gradually erode the significant heritage features if it is not appropriately managed.”

Ward 2 Councillor Brent Hoare, “This section of the Cox’s Rd sits between backyards and bushland. Its proximity to residential properties makes it very relevant to locals and will help to raise public awareness of the importance of Blue Mountains heritage conservation.”

The Strategy identifies opportunities for the site and makes a number of recommendations to guide future activities, including an interpretation plan, archival recording of historic fabric, and re-routing the existing access trail.  

Cr Hollywood said Council recognises the sensitivities within the Aboriginal community regarding the role the road played in the European occupation of the Blue Mountains and Central West, and the dispossession of Traditional Owners which resulted. “We will be very sensitive to these issues when we are planning for the conservation of the site, especially any interpretation of it, and will continue to consult extensively with relevant Aboriginal communities so that the full story is told.” 

Council worked with the Blue Mountains Region of NPWS, the Rural Fire Service, Traditional Owners, state agencies and Linden Resident’s Association to develop the strategy. 

Linden Resident’s Association representatives, Marilyn Pride and Lewis Morley said: “We are very pleased to see a conservation management strategy for this section of Cox’s Road.” 

The Conservation Management Strategy was supported by a $10,000 grant from the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage and NSW Heritage Council, with Council contributing about $15,000 towards the project. 

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