Garguree Swampcare group at Maple Grove, Katoomba on Clean Up Australia Day 2018.

Change starts with you! Clean Up Australia Day

21 Feb 2019

2019 Clean Up Australia Day registrations are now open, so it’s time to check out rubbish hotspots in your neighbourhood and challenge your friends and family to make 2019 the year when change starts with you.

Last year, in the Blue Mountains, volunteers from 18 groups removed over a tonne of rubbish from bushland and parks. The top three rubbish offenders were cigarette butts, PET bottles and glass bottles.

There are currently nine groups registered locally, three of which are open to the public and would like to welcome more volunteers. These are Glenbrook Native Plant Nursery, Bowaga Avenue, Glenbrook and Springwood Cemetery.

Volunteers have donated more than 33 million hours, at over 178,000 locations across the country, over the last 29 years. Together they have removed the equivalent of 350 thousand ute-loads of rubbish across Australia.

You can get involved by joining an existing Clean Up site near you, or finding a local park or area that needs cleaning. Once registered, you will be sent a free Clean Up kit including bags, gloves, information and promotional materials.

For further information on how to get involved and find a local site near you, please visit the Clean Up Australia Day website or call 1800 282 329.

Photo: Garguree Swampcare group at Maple Grove, Katoomba on Clean Up Australia Day 2018.

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