Businesses to be recognised in the new Earth Friendly Advocate program

14 Nov 2019

Blue Mountains Youth Council has launched a new program to motivate and recognise local businesses taking measures to protect the environment.

Blue Mountains businesses who are doing the right thing, will be recognised for their good intentions and for taking proactive steps to minimise the environmental impact of their business, in the Earth Friendly Advocate program.

Blue Mountains Mayor Mark Greenhill said: “We need to encourage more businesses to take positive action on environmental issues and it’s only fair that those making that extra effort, are publicly acknowledged. It’s also helpful for customers who wish to seek out those places that are taking meaningful steps to save energy and reduce their waste.

“This valuable initiative from our Youth Council will help the whole community to preserve our World Heritage region.”

To ensure these businesses can be recognised by customers, the Blue Mountains Youth Council has helped design a sticker that businesses can proudly showcase on their premises, attracting business and encouraging others to take action. 

Council and the Youth Council team have outlined some simple steps to help businesses get started in becoming Earth Friendly Advocates:

•    Implement sound waste management practices including waste avoidance, composting, and recycling.
•    Expend minimal energy on transport by using locally sourced produce where possible.
•    Actively encourage and support customers to bring their own reusable products, including reusable bags, cups and containers.
•    Provide take away packaging made from recycled and recyclable materials.
•    Use energy saving systems and reduce energy use where possible.
•    Use water saving systems and reducing water use where possible.
•    Use greywater safe products, and
•    Donate surplus food.
The Earth Friendly Advocate recognition program operates on an honesty system. Businesses who apply and showcase the recognition sticker are responsible for making environmental efforts and highlighting these efforts to their customers. 

If you think your business has what it takes to be an Earth Friendly Advocate, please fill out the form at

Pic caption: A Blue Mountains Youth Council member with the Earth Friendly Advocate sticker.

Contact details for the Corporate Communications & Marketing Program Leader: