Bushcare volunteers at Fairy Bower Reserve, Mount Victoria

Bushcare restores Fairy Bower Reserve

11 Sep 2020

Council has teamed up with community Bushcare volunteers, Sydney Trains and local environmental restoration contractors to restore Fairy Bower Reserve at Mount Victoria.

The project was funded by Sydney Trains as a Biodiversity Offset during the Mount Victoria Area Remodelling (MVAR) Project and contractors from John Holland Engineering worked on the project. 

Council’s Bushcare team, consisting of Council workers and volunteers from the Fairy Bower Bushcare Group, planted over 200 plants at the reserve helping to restore the historic reserve to its former beauty and biodiversity.

“This is a fantastic initiative to help restore, and preserve for the future, one of our wonderful bushland reserves,” said Mayor Mark Greenhill.

“Conserving our natural environment is crucial to our future and each time we undertake conservation work like this, it’s another significant step in the right direction.

“I’d like extend Council’s thanks to all the volunteers, Sydney trains and the contractors who worked hard to achieve this legacy of the restoration of Fairy Bower.”

The goal of the project was to increase biodiversity and improve and maintain the reserve’s habitat by planting native species, improving access to the reserve and vehicle management, as well as improving site drainage and weed control.

Bushcare is a Council program for the restoration of bushland reserves by volunteers. Volunteers are involved in looking after the native bush, plant identification, fauna monitoring, weed control and seed collection.

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Photo: Mount Victoria Bushcare volunteers at Fairy Bower Reserve.

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