Bushcare back to work after COVID-19 restrictions

05 Jun 2020

Volunteers and Council staff welcomed the news that the Bushcare program reopened on 2 June, following the suspension of activities due to COVID-19. 

The Bushcare program, part of Council’s Community Conservation Program, works toward the restoration of bushland reserves by volunteers under the guidance of Council’s Bushcare Officers. Activities include stormwater control works, erosion control works, track maintenance and improvement, seed collection, plant propagation, public education, and other bushland management activities.

Bushcare groups work across more than 60 sites in the Blue Mountains. Due to the social nature of group meetings, Council will enforce strict social distancing and cap participant numbers in line with the most recent Public Health Order. 

Mayor Mark Greenhill said that the program embodies the Blue Mountains community spirit.

“There’s something special about coming together to make a tangible contribution to improving our bushland, our unique character,” Mayor Greenhill said. 

“The Bushcare groups are a close-knit community, and these sorts of activities reinforce the connections that so many people have been craving. I’m sure that many of the members are delighted to get back to doing what they love for our City.”

Bushcare work is particularly important at present given many weeds species in the Blue Mountains are ‘fire-responsive’ and post-fire conditions make it easy for weeds to establish.

Timely post-fire management action (usually within 18 months of a bush fire) is necessary for the control of these types of weeds.

To learn more about Bushcare initiatives and get a copy of ‘The Gecko’, the official newsletter of the Bushcare program, visit bmcc.nsw.gov.au/environment.

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