Mayor Cr Mark Greenhill in front of airport protest posters

Blue Mountains Mayor slams Western Sydney Airport experience centre

04 Sep 2019

Blue Mountains Mayor slams Western Sydney Airport experience centre 

Blue Mountains Mayor Mark Greenhill slammed the recent announcement of a Western Sydney Airport experience centre as an insult to the Blue Mountains and Western Sydney.

Mayor Greenhill said: “There is a massive elephant in the room. Where are the flight paths?

“As Ed Husic MP said, this is the miraculous airport with no flight paths.

“They are madly racing to build the thing, selling the propaganda, before we all realise how awful it will be and how it will seriously and negatively impact the quality of life of the Blue Mountains community.

“It is self evident that you cannot have a 24/7 airport at the foot of the Blue Mountains without seriously impacting those who live here.

“The last time they put out draft flight paths they rapidly withdrew them because they seriously belted the lower Blue Mountains and people were up in arms.

“Nothing has changed. Geography remains eternal.

“The magical airport with no flight paths continues to shimmer until it doesn’t. 

“The shine will cease the moment people see where the planes will fly, right above them all day and all night, every day of the year. No respite.

“Events like this rubbish amount to nothing more than propaganda that takes us for fools.

“This whole roadshow is insulting and any local politician who would foist this upon us 
should be shown the door.

“If this is such a good thing then my challenge to the government is this: release the flight paths before the council election. I dare you! They won’t do it because there won’t be one pro-airport councillor standing when this community is shown just what the proposition means to them and their families.”

Photo: Mayor Mark Greenhill

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