Blue Mountains Mayor condemns Prime Minister's approval of Western Sydney Airport

12 Dec 2016

Blue Mountains Mayor, Cr Mark Greenhill has condemned the Prime Minister’s approval of Western Sydney Airport at Badgery’s Creek, announced today.
“The Prime Minister has approved an incomplete Airport Plan which is based on a grossly inadequate Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and tokenistic community consultation”, said the Mayor.
"You would think that detailed flight paths are fundamental to an Airport Plan. We don't even know where the planes are going to be flying.
The Blue Mountains and Western Sydney communities have no accurate information on the noise and other impacts of the airport. That is because there are no flight paths. That's how inadequate this process has been, and will continue to be.”
“In my view, the approval process has been a box-ticking exercise from day one. The whole process has been a con job that is strong on rhetoric and short on facts. To end up with such a flawed, short sighted proposal that offers a 20th Century solution to a 21st Century issue after 50 years of debate is frankly, woeful.”
The Mayor said the Australian Government has blatantly ignored significant concerns important to the Blue Mountains and Western Sydney community, including the aircraft noise, air quality and greenhouse gases, human health, traffic and transport, airspace architecture and operation, landscape and visual amenity, consultation process, social and economic matters and the threat to the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.
“This is despite the fact that of the 4,975 submissions on the draft EIS, 80% came from the Blue Mountains Local Government Area”, he said.
“The World Heritage Area listing is not guaranteed”, said the Mayor.  “The tourism economy of the Blue Mountains, and indeed NSW, is also at stake. This is aside from the extensive impact on residential communities affected by a Western Sydney Airport at Badgery’s Creek.
This is simply not good enough for the most significant proposal affecting the liveability of Western Sydney for the next Century.”

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