Mayor Mark Greenhill

Blue Mountains Mayor calls for Federal Government to intervene on dam proposal

05 Aug 2019

Blue Mountains Mayor Mark Greenhill has called on the Federal Government to intervene in State Government plans to raise the Warragamba Dam wall, after leaked reports undermined the claim that this is essential for flood mitigation.

Mayor Greenhill said: “This news suggests what we have suspected all along.

“Plans to flood the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, wipe out cultural heritage sites, endanger Blue Mountains species, threaten World Heritage listing and trash key tourist markets that support local jobs – are just not justified.

“These leaked reports undermine the notion that this is about protecting current communities and supports the decisions of past governments not to go down this path.

“While there are plans for mass development on the floodplain in the future, you have to ask yourself what is really going on here?

“UNESCO has sent the strongest signals possible that the values underpinning World Heritage listing are under threat.

“These leaked reports support the overall concern.

“This is a threat to the very fabric of the Blue Mountains environment and the pressure must now be on the national government of Australia to step in and put a stop to this mad policy.

“We have a proposed airport with hidden flight paths being built that can only diminish our environment and we also have this destructive idea.

“It seems wherever you look, the Blue Mountains is under siege.

“As a community leader who fights for the Blue Mountains, I call on the Federal Government to end this mad dam wall idea.”

Pic: Blue Mountains Mayor Mark Greenhill.

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