Blue Mountains community to support global climate action

17 Sep 2019

The Blue Mountains’ community will support a Global Climate Strike on 20 September, to raise awareness of the threats of climate change.

The local action is in line with Council’s Climate Emergency declaration made in February this year.

Blue Mountains Mayor Mark Greenhill said: “We were the third Council in NSW to declare a climate emergency. It’s an issue we take very seriously.

“I would like to acknowledge the leadership of the young people in our local government area, who will stand in solidarity with people from around the world on this day, to call for urgent action to address climate change.”

Council stands with around 700 jurisdictions globally, that have made similar Climate Emergency declarations.

Blue Mountains City Council’s Carbon Revolving Reserve project won the national Cities Power Partnership’s Project Financing Innovation Award last month.

The national awards recognise outstanding achievement by local governments in the fields of renewable energy, sustainable transport, energy efficiency, community engagement and climate advocacy.

Since its inception the reserve has helped commit $1.7 million dollars to energy efficiency and renewable energy 
projects and will deliver combined annual savings of $300,000.

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