Cyclist on Blue Mountains trail

Blue Mountains City Council gives cyclists a voice with new committee

08 Oct 2020

Council has established a Cycling Advisory Committee (CAC) to ensure cyclists have a say in plans for the City.

At its September meeting, Council endorsed the committee, giving voice to a range of community members on the future of cycling in the Blue Mountains. 

Mayor Mark Greenhill, said: “Cycling has so many benefits, for people and the environment. It’s a sustainable, low-cost mode of transport and it’s great for fitness too.

“With that in mind, we’ve established this committee to hear feedback from the community on how we can effectively promote cycling in the mountains for transport, recreation and fitness.

“We’d also like to increase community participation in cycling, and to look at ways we can develop cycling infrastructure.

“This will also assist in reducing the impact of tourism in the mountains by providing alternative forms of transport, along with building opportunities for sustainable economic development and for local business.”

Council sought nominations from the community for inaugural members of the CAC. From the nominations, 15 community members were selected and approved at Council’s September meeting. 

The approved members are: Brian Stevens, David Tritton, Tony Kelshaw, Adam Podolski, Katriona Herborn, Leslie Majoros, Scott Telfer, Michelle Williams, Paul Freeman, Matthew Padula, Daniel Zanardo, Damien Gooch, Rowan Bouttell, Stephen Tomczyk and Graeme Roth.

Councillor Daniel Myles, a keen advocate for cycling in the Blue Mountains, will chair the CAC.

As a formal committee of Council, a Terms of Reference will be developed and adopted by the Committee, to provide corporate governance on the function of the Cycling Advisory Committee.

Contact details for the Corporate Communications & Marketing Program Leader: