Alliance of Western Parkland City councils formalised after successful year

28 Nov 2019

Alliance of Western Parkland City councils formalised after successful year

Significant progress has been made in 2019 by the collaboration between Councils who make up the Western Parkland City.

Blue Mountains City Council voted this week to formalise the framework around the alliance and adopted a Deed of Agreement (DoA). The DoA follows the less formal Memorandum of Understanding Council signed earlier this year and will formally establish the Western Parkland Councils organisation, that includes the eight councils who signed the Western Sydney City Deal. 

The Western Sydney City Deal is a 20 year-agreement between Australian and NSW governments, and the eight local Councils of the Western Parkland City. The proposed vision of the group is: Working together to deliver better outcomes for our communities and the Western Parkland region. 

Blue Mountains CEO Dr Rosemary Dillon said the DoA represents a significant opportunity for the eight councils to work together to not only deliver the City Deal program but also to achieve positive and sustainable benefits for the region.

“It’s great to see developments we’ve talked about coming to fruition. We are seeing real progress in relation to the Liveability Projects, the Planning Partnership, the Western City Digital Action Plan and the Western Sydney Health Alliance,” she said.

Council is moving ahead with the Liveability Projects, with more than half making significant progress in community engagement and design processes, and the remaining projects to commence in 2020. These projects, valued at $18.7 million, will create more liveable, accessible and sustainable neighbourhoods, making it easier for everyone to access our town centres, parks, playgrounds, pools and bushland. Council has, and will continue to seek feedback from the Blue Mountains community on design concepts for each of the projects. 

Blue Mountains City Council is also actively involved in the Planning Partnership – a council-led initiative, which works with the NSW Government to achieve more efficient and higher quality outcomes for Western Sydney through innovation and collaboration. Over the last year, the Partnership has secured $700,000 in start-up funding from the NSW Government. Moving forward, their priorities will be establishing uniform council engineering and design standards and common planning assumptions across the Western Parkland City.

Local government is also leading the development of a Western City Digital Action Plan, providing the framework for a thriving digital economy and ensuring Western Sydney can keep pace and succeed in an increasingly digital world. Action areas identified in the Digital Action Plan will focus on community participation, internet coverage, effective and responsible data use, and working on building our digital fitness and literacy for the future.

The Western Sydney Health Alliance is a partnership between local government and health partners to improve the effectiveness of health services and support achievement of healthier neighbourhoods. A Memorandum of Association has been endorsed by the Implementation Group and the Mayoral Forum, a project manager position will be recruited at the end of 2019, and key areas are being identified for focus and research.

“The progress of all these projects is encouraging,” Dr Dillon said. “The focus is on genuine collaboration and working together to improve Western Sydney’s health and quality of life, connecting us, and preparing us for the future.”

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