The Love Local campaign, launched in January 2020, and originally aimed at promoting attractions in our towns and villages to recoup money lost to the local economy after visitors stayed away during bush fires.  

Media Release: Love Local Blue Mountains' businesses after bush fire

The campaign, embraced by our community, was extended during lockdowns in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  During that period we launched Love Local Live, Love Local Lessons, the Love Local Business Directory and Love Local on Stage.

By January 2021, Love Local had reached an audience of over 3.2 million.  Media Release: Local Local campaign embraced by the Blue Mountains community

Why to love local 

In a world where you can shop anywhere, shop local, even if it’s online. This supports and builds a strong social local community. Blue Mountains businesses are versatile and because they are in our area, deliver more sustainably compared to other businesses. Each dollar spent goes directly to our community. Instead of supporting shareholders and billionaires, we encourage you to support your neighbors and your local community. Here’s a few reasons of why Council is encouraging you to LOVE LOCAL:

•    More sustainably sourced products and services
•    Minimising your own carbon-footprint on travel and packaging
•    Support dreams and ambitions from your community
•    Experience of truly excellent customer service
•    Score local bargains and re-used items
•    Building a strong local economy
•    Enjoy something unique (and not mass-manufactured)
•    Local businesses support local community groups
•    Better quality products
•    Mutual care from Council, businesses and visitors for our towns and village centres.

How to love local in 2022

It goes without saying that shopping locally would make the biggest difference to our local shop  you owners. However, due to the current trends and benefits identified above there’s more to be done. Here’s a list you might consider if you want to support LOVE LOCAL further:
•    Shop locally.
•    Stay longer, plan ahead.
•    Get into town during an event.
•    Socialise with friends and go into town together. 
•    Tell friends about your favourite local products/services.
•    Give to busking and street theatre to support ambience.
•    Follow your favourite shops on social media. 
•    Like, share and comment on their online posts. 
•    Post photos of their shopfront. 
•    Write reviews and give positive feedback.

Get involved

You can also support your local businesses by sharing the Love Local campaign on social media, and using the hashtags #lovelocal and #lovelocalbluemountains.  We need as many locals, as possible, to participate.

Local businesses

Our Business Directory assists small businesses who have had to change the way they operate due to COVID-19.  Get more information

The Business Directory is only open to businesses within the Blue Mountains Local Government Area and it is the responsibility of the business to send updated contact or operating details to Council so the Business Directory can be updated.