Council is pleased to present Love Local Live in partnership with Fusion Boutique,Shelter Studios and Inertia Photography.

We’ll be coming to you live on our Facebook page every Monday night at 7pm for 6 weeks. 

Love Local Live is part of our Love Local campaign, and is one small way we are supporting our local business and creative communities, many of whom have been hit particularly hard during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Make sure you tune in each week as we showcase some of the Blue Mountains’ best local talents.

Supporting our community during COVID-19

Love Local Live schedule

  • Monday 15 June – Linda Mizzi - watch her here
  • Monday 22 June – Le Hot Club de Katoomba - watch them here 
  • Monday 29 June – Bonniedoon Duo - watch them here
  • Monday 6 July – Aurora Li & Ace Evergreen - watch them here
  • Monday 13 July – The Three Handed Beat Bandits - watch them here 
  • Monday 20 July – CJ Stranger - watch him here

About the performers

Linda Mizzi

Linda Mizzi is a songwriter/storyteller based in Katoomba.

With an upfront and honest warm charm, Linda lets her muse wander where it may, "Of course, music is far more porous than genre-definers would have us believe, and such is the case with her music" [Michael Smith].

Linda is a folk style songwriter predominantly but has strong undertones of country and blues in her music. She tells real stories through her music - with strong lyric based songs; that are upfront, honest, quirky and sometimes even confronting. Some of her major influences are the likes of; Patty Griffin, Lucinda Williams, Sheryl Crow, and Rickie Lee Jones.



Le Hot Club de Katoomba

Le Hot Club de Katoomba is made up of Australian violinist Simon Watts (String Theories, Skarrat & Watts) and French singer/guitarist Julien Clement (Julien Joel Clement, Disco Frisco) team up to deliver classic French chansons and an assortment of Hot Club swing tunes. (Image supplied by Inertia Photography)


Bonniedoon Duo

Bonniedoon Duo hail from the Blue Mountains and perform a mixture of covers and original songs from genres such as; rock, folk, pop, blues, soul, roots and a hint of jazz. The act incorporates the powerhouse vocals of Bonnie Coady and the soulfully solid rhythms of guitarist Sheridan Hurst. (Image supplied by Inertia Photography)


Aurora Li & Ace Evergreen

Aurora Li
At only 17, Katoomba singer/songwriter, Aurora Li is fast becoming a seasoned performer, playing at live venues and events around Australia and collecting a slew of awards along the way. Aurora writes songs that are sometimes upbeat and irreverent, occasionally sad and angry, and often deeply moving, but always showing a wisdom and insight far beyond her years. Her spare, indie pop/folk sound is complimented by sharply observed lyrics that urge you to close your eyes and listen in, as she ponders the regrets, worries and passions of teenage life with a voice that will gently carry you along for the ride. (Image supplied by Inertia Photography)


Ace Evergreen
People who have heard her sing tend to describe Ace Evergreen (Luca Zumwalt) as an old soul. At 8 she picked up her first ukulele, at 9 she dubbed herself ‘Ace Evergreen’ and she’s been quietly and earnestly crafting a unique musical identity ever since. Ace, now 11, has swapped the ukulele for a guitar and comes armed with a truckload of vocal skill and charm, writing songs pulled from places you wouldn’t think an 11-year-old capable of going. Ace Evergreen: a sensitive and small soul living an inconceivable conundrum just trying to make sense of it all through song. (Image supplied by Inertia Photography)


The Three Handed Beat Bandits

The Three Handed Beat Bandits are undoubtedly the best three handed little big band in the world today.

Made up of the two-handed John Stuart and the single­ handed Neill Duncan, between them they play guitar, bass, congas, drums and saxophone, all at the same time.

Megaphone vocals included, this beat combo swing their listeners through a kaleidoscope of musical styles, including reggae, ska, calypso, funk, swing, and a little klezmer thrown in for good measure.

Beautiful to the ear, great for the feet.

Neill Duncan is one of New Zealand’s most exciting and eccentric musicians, now a resident of the Blue Mountains. Three years ago he lost his left arm to cancer. With the help of the community, Neill has been able regain full musical strength. Neill now plays an incredible one-handed tenor saxophone, designed and built in Amsterdam. His passion and musical imagination flow like never before. An adapted drum kit completes the mix, with some additional weird and wonderful instruments.

John Stuart is a master of the seven-string guitar. This amazing instrument allows John to cover the bass as well as provide the chordal accompaniment to the Bandit’s wide­ ranging repertoire. John is all about texture and space, switching between driving bass lines, and sparkling single line accompaniments. Bass solos? No extra charge. Add in the hot conga playing and all the elements of this extraordinary duo fall into place. Even the silences swing!

Together they are the Three Handed Beat Bandits. Their exotic musical gumbo will steal your heart. (Image supplied by Inertia Photography)



CJ Stranger

CJ Stranger hones a unique sound and spirit. He carves out contemporary Australian music and perfectly matches gentle simmering with the raw honesty of reflective coming-of-age lyrics.

Slinging a small-but-powerful arsenal of instruments, CJ Stranger crafts his distinctive sound using an old weathered resonator, a weird vintage organ, and his beloved purple guitar Frankenstein-ed out of discarded bits and pieces. This array of re-purposed musical antiques allows CJ Stranger to sculpt a vivid and honest landscape for his musings. 

These days based in the Blue Mountains while regularly Sydney-side, CJ's 2016 debut album established his prowess as a singer, songwriter and guitar player, but it was a different kind of animal. CJ Stranger is an exaggerated and more nuanced side of Henderson, brought forth by exploring this new artistic persona.

A singer-songwriter through and through, CJ Stranger's captivating voice, tell-all lyrics and natural feel for fingerpicking walk together in perfect synchrony. 

(Image supplied by Inertia Photography)