Public meetings of the Local Planning Panel are open to representations.

The panel may impose time limits on presentations. Where there are a large number of objectors with a common interest at any public meeting, the panel may, in its absolute discretion, hear a representative of those persons.

Addressing the Local Planning Panel

Your will need to register to address panel members on the assessment report, recommendations and / or conditions of consent.

To register, email before 3pm on the day of the meeting. Include in the email the item number, your name and contact details. If you have not made a formal submission during the exhibition process, please outline a summary of the issues you wish to raise. Speakers will generally be limited to 3 minutes.

The Local Planning Panel meeting is recorded and made available for online listening.

The Local Planning Panel determines applications in a closed meeting. Decisions are usually published within 48 hours of the meeting date. Read About Planning Panels for more information on what happens at a meeting.