Local Planning Panel meetings are held on a Monday generally every month.

Next meeting: Monday, 27 July 2020

Time: 6pm

Due to COVID-19 Local Planning Panel Meetings will be held via teleconference. Any persons wishing to address the panel or observe the meeting must register by emailing localplanningpanel@bmcc.nsw.gov.au 

The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (in Schedule 2, Part 5) allows panel members to conduct its meetings in public or to consider an electronic determination. This decision is at the discretion of the Chair. Read more about planning panels.

Click on the dates below to access reports before the panel, determinations and audio recordings.

Date Report to Blue Mountains Local Planning Panel Panel determination Audio
Monday, 29 June 2020

Development Application No. X/1065/2019 for the removal of two trees and the installation of a security fence at Anita Villa Nursing Home, 2-10 Gang Gang Street, KATOOMBA

Panel determination

Audio recording

Note: Due to a technical error the first 3 minutes of the meeting were not recorded

Development Application No. X/844/2019 for conservation and repair works to Paragon Cafe, 63-67 Katoomba Street, KATOOMBA

Monday, 25 May 2020

Development Application No. X/64/2020 for the construction of a new library and classroom building at Lapstone School, 2 Achievement Avenue, LAPSTONE

Panel determination

Audio recording

Development Application No. X/57/2020 for a garage attached to an existing carport at 7 Cassam Place, VALLEY HEIGHTS

Development Application No. X/24/2020 for a new awning and shade cloths for an existing child car centre at 56 White Cross Road, WINMALEE

Development Application No. X/863/2019 for the demolition of an existing garage and construction of a secondary dwelling at Blue Colony, 286 Katoomba Street, KATOOMBA

Development Application No. X/13/2020 for the construction of a two storey dwelling with a deck and a patio area, a carport, and covered walkway at 54 Wentworth Street, BLACKHEATH

Monday, 27 April 2020

Development Application No. X/56/2020 for the refurbishment of an existing amenities building, construction of a new covered entry and new accessible pathways at Blue Mountains City Council Council Depot, 2-20 Lawson Road SPRINGWOOD

Panel determination

Audio recording

Development Application No. X/1008/2019 for demolition of a shed positioned over boundary at 10-12 San Jose Avenue LAWSON

Development Application No. XR/278/2019/A for a review of the determination for development application no. X/278/2019 for additions and alterations to a dwelling at 3 Darley Street, KATOOMBA

Development Application No. X/524/2019 for the removal of approximately 84 trees and replacement landscaping at Parklands, 132-174 Govetts Leap Road, BLACKHEATH

Monday, 30 March 2020

Development Application No. X/1031/2019 for a metal carport attached to the side of an existing dwelling at 15 Hodgson Road, GLENBROOK

Panel determination

Audio recording

Development Application No. X/39/2020 for the installation of 211 flush mounted solar panels on the roof at Springwood Community Theatre and Hub, 102-108 Macquarie Road, SPRINGWOOD

Development Application No. X/37/2020 for the installation of 298 flush mounted solar panels on the roof at Springwood Aquatic Centre at Buttenshaw Park, 389-407 Great Western Highway, SPRINGWOOD

Development Application No. XM/1263/2007/A to increase student numbers from 250 to 320, and associated works at Korowal School, 62 Hall Parade, HAZELBROOK

Development Application No. X/599/2019 for a manufactured home, granny flat, attached garage and deck on Lot 1 at 134-136 Falls Road, WENTWORTH FALLS

Development Application No. X/967/2019 for a use of an existing dwelling for Short Term Rental Accommodation at Edge View, 11 Olympian Parade, LEURA

Development Application No. XM/185/2018/A for a Memorial brickwall and gate on the eastern side of the Blackheath Memorial Park at 26-50 Park Avenue and 70-74 Prince Edward Street, BLACKHEATH

Monday, 24 February 2020

Development Application No. X/846/2019 for the demolition of existing structures, removal of trees and construction of a Seniors Housing development comprising of 15 dwellings, at 'Greenhays', 409-417 Great Western Highway, SPRINGWOOD

Panel determination

Audio recording

Development Application No. S/39/2019 for a 1 into 26 lot Torrens title subdivision comprising 23 residential lots, 2 drainage reserve lots and 1 residue lot, including new local road and stormwater management works at 21 Stuarts Road, KATOOMBA

Monday, 3 February 2020

Development Application No. X/937/2019 for a five year approval for temporary structures and amusement devices associated with Springwood Foundation Day at Springwood Town Square - 180-184 Macquarie Road, SPRINGWOOD

Panel determination

Audio recording

Development Application No. X/975/2018 for a single storey dwelling, shed and solid fuel heater at 44A Boland Avenue, SPRINGWOOD

Development Application No. X/677/2019 for alterations and additions to an existing building in a recreational facility including the provision of additional queuing areas and an enlargement of the existing outdoor viewing terrace at Scenic World - 2 Violet Street, KATOOMBA