Council is constructing a car park at the popular Wentworth Falls visitor attraction, Lincolns Rock.

The existing car park is informal, with no parking restrictions in place. The new car park will help to manage parking at the site, with 16 spaces plus one accessible space.

Work will begin the 27 May 2021 and is likely to take 10-12 weeks, weather permitting.



  • Lincolns Rock is a popular visitor destination with sweeping valley views, located on Little Switzerland Drive, off Hordern Road, Wentworth Falls.
  • Visitor numbers has been increasing in recent years, but there is currently no formal parking.
  • The existing informal parking is near Lincolns Rock on the south end of Little Switzerland Drive.
  • The new parking area will be located at the north end of Little Switzerland Drive.
  • This will help to manage car parking at the site, with 16 spaces plus one accessible space.
  • There will be space for two small buses (approved size - maximum 10 metres).
  • There will be a turning circle to help manage traffic movements.
  • A raingarden will be installed at the centre of the turning circle to manage drainage.
  • A fire trail gate will be installed to prevent vehicles parking close to the rock. 
  • A short path will provide safe access to Lincolns Rock.

Construction traffic may be accessing the site on a daily basis over the construction period (Sundays excluded). 


Lincolns Rock will remain open for most of the project but there will be a full closure near the end to enable construction of the intersection of Hordern Road and Little Switzerland Drive. 

For further information, please contact Project Manager Phil Regan at 4780 5000 or

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