Council receives funding from the NSW Safer Roads and Blackspot Programs to improve safety at sites around the Blue Mountains with previous crash history. The intersection of Badgery Crescent and San Jose Avenue (East), at north Lawson, was identified as a location with a crash risk. Council applied and received funding for a safety upgrade. Safety improvement works are now underway and are expected to be completed by mid February 2022.

What changes are being made?

This safety upgrade involves minor civil works. The changes that are being made are:

  • Two median strips are being added – one on Badgery Crescent and one on San Jose Avenue, at Lawson.
  • A pedestrian refuge is also being added across San Jose Avenue
  • There will be a change to the kerb alignment with the installation of a ‘blister’ (kerb extension) on San Jose Avenue, due to the installation of the pedestrian refuge.
  • There will also be a lane reduction on San Jose Avenue, as it approaches Badgery Cresent (two lanes to one lane). However, please note:
    • The current lanes on Badgery Crescent will not change.
    • Two lanes will remain available for turning out of San Jose Avenue onto the Great Western Highway.
    • The installation of the kerb blister on San Jose Avenue will require the removal of the left turn lane into Badgerys Crescent.
  • Some low level plants will also be installed to complement the surrounding visual character.
  • New line marking and painted medium will also be added.

Is a pedestrian crossing part of this safety upgrade?

No. No pedestrian crossings will not be installed as part of these works.
The pedestrian refuge being installed on San Jose Avenue, does mean that pedestrians have a place to wait before crossing (when safe to do so). It does not give pedestrians right of way.

Why are these changes being made?

Crash data shows that there have been two serious accidents, with injuries, at this location in the last five years.
Council’s analysis of crash data on local roads across the City (which excludes roads managed by the State Government, such as the Great Western Highway) identified this intersection as a high priority location for safety improvements.
Council applied for funding from the State Government, through Transport for NSW (TfNSW).
TfNSW assessed the location, and the site’s crash history. This assessment determined that the proposed works are warranted – in the interest of road safety at this location, and funding was awarded.
TfNSW and directly affected businesses and residents, in the vicinity of the intersection, were consulted during the design of these safety improvements.
TfNSW approved the design and for the works to go ahead.

How will these changes make this intersection safer?

The upgrade will:

  • Reduce vehicle speeds
  • Improve sightlines - by constructing new median strips and a pedestrian refuge.
  • Ensure trucks and buses are able to safely negotiate the intersection (including turning paths for a 12.5 metre long vehicle at the intersection).

What is temporary during works?

  • Traffic and pedestrian management have been employed during the current works, to ensure work zones are safe. 
  • Temporary fencing will also be used at various locations if required.

Please note: a traffic management plan is currently in place while works take place.  Witches hats will be in place during works – but these will be removed once the safety upgrade has been completed.
Vehicles and pedestrians should follow the signs and directions from traffic controllers until the works are completed.

While every effort will be made to reduce the impact to surrounding residents, temporary inconvenience may be caused at times. These works may also generate an increase in noise at times. but Council will aim to minimise this as much as possible.

We appreciate the community's cooperation and patience while these important safety works are carried out.

What consultation took place?

Residents and businesses in the immediate vicinity of the works were informed of the project in 2021, once TfNSW determined that this safety upgrade should proceed.
Following response to some concerns about access and parking (from residents and businesses in the immediate vicinity), amendments were made to the initial plans.

Has heritage been considered as part of this project

Yes. Heritage is considered with all BMCC projects. 
There will be minor impacts to the streetscape through the construction of pedestrian refuges, concrete kerb extensions and concrete median strips – but these were considered reasonable and within Part 5 allowance due to the need for pedestrian safety at this location.

How do I get further information?

For further information on the safety upgrade please contact: Glenn Sherlock Transport & Infrastructure Planning, Blue Mountains City Council at or 4780 5692.

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Other ways to contact Council

How can I report other pot holes, or road works, required in Lawson?

Council redirected over $1 million to urgent flood-impacted road reseal work in 2021, following flooding.
We continue to triage and reseal roads, according to priority lists, and this work continues to be hampered by higher than average rainfall this summer.
We thank you for your patience while this work is ongoing.
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What other BMCC work is occurring at Lawson currently?

Creating shared paths

A 600m accessible path will be built at Lawson in 2022.
This path will run:

  • From the intersection of New and Adelaide Streets to the corner of Wilson Street.
  • From that intersection of Wilson and Adelaide Streets, to Cleveland Street.
  • From 16 Cleveland Street to 20 Cleveland Street. 
  • From the intersection of Cleveland and Wilson Streets to Ferris Lane.

This path will connect Lawson Village and school with South Lawson Park.

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South Lawson Park upgrade

Construction on an accessible path, new off leash dog area, and nature play area at South Lawson Park is now underway. 
Council developed the designs for the park following extensive community consultation in 2018 and 2019. The final designs feature:

  • A fenced dog off leash area, with several tracks and play zones 
  • Accessible paths from both Ferris Lane and Wilson Street towards the new dog area 
  • A loop walk around the outskirts of the park
  • A nature exploration play area 
  • A natural amphitheatre for informal gatherings and small community events
  • Water refill stations throughout the park
  • Improvements to the creekline, swamp and wet areas.

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