Together We Live

A liveable city provides safe, healthy and vital spaces and places for people of all ages and abilities.

Through creative planning and design, the development of vibrant places is fostered. The liveable city encourages community interaction and connection and facilitates people living close to where they work. Centralising population close to public transport uses land and infrastructure more efficiently. Local heritage and places of natural, cultural and historical significance, that have intrinsic value to the community, are retained and enhanced. Liveable cities promote development on a human scale and have distinct and attractive towns and streetscapes.

Our aspirations and aims

We take pride in the character and distinct identities of our towns and villages.

Our cultural and built heritage is important. We use our land to live in harmony with our surrounding World Heritage environment. 

Through innovative urban planning we have created a hierarchy of well-designed settlements that connect residents to services and facilities they need. We have created vibrant liveable places and spaces for people of all ages and abilities to live, work and play.

Affordable and well-designed housing options, relevant to diverse community needs, are available. Within the capacity of our natural and built environments, we have encouraged sustainable development in centres with access to public transport, required infrastructure, services and facilities.

By 2035 we are a more liveable City.


4.1: City planning drives the creation of vibrant and welldesigned places and spaces for people to live, work and play.

4.2: The distinctive qualities of towns and villages are maintained and local identity and a sense of pride is strengthened.

4.3: The impact of development on the natural and built environment is well managed.

4.4: The City’s housing meets the diverse needs of the community.

Challenges and opportunities

• A more resilient City and community – well prepared and able to respond and recover from natural disasters.
• Community and assets protected from bushfires and natural disasters.
• Understanding of the significant contribution of natural, built and cultural heritage in enriching our lives and City.
• Development is appropriate and minimises environmental impact.
• Blue Mountains character is retained.
• The City and the community has the infrastructure it needs.
• Required built infrastructure within our towns and villages is well maintained and managed.
• Civic pride that encourages respect for community assets.
• Graffiti free surroundings.
• Housing that can meet the needs of our population at different life stages that is affordable, accessible and well designed.
• Local character values are maintained.