Together We Lead

A sustainable city has inspiring community and civic leadership that acts responsibly in the broader interests.

It aspires to transform local communities into better places for current and future generations.

Our aspirations and aims

We value our inspirational civic leadership whose stewardship and decision-making benefits present and future Blue Mountains residents.

Our leaders work effectively with the community and other agencies to achieve a more sustainable Blue Mountains, environmentally, socially and economically.

By 2035 we are a more sustainable, successful and resilient Blue Mountains.


1.1: The Council lives responsibly within its means and strengthens its financial sustainability.

1.2: All levels of government provide transparent, fair and accountable civic leadership and governance.

1.3: All levels of government provide value for money sustainable services and infrastructure.

1.4: All levels of government and the community work together to achieve a more sustainable, successful and resilient Blue Mountains.