Together We Care

An inclusive, healthy and vibrant city is concerned with the wellbeing of all residents.

It plans for and meets diverse needs, providing people with access to the basic resources required to live. Diversity enriches the city and makes it more exciting and vibrant. The fair distribution of resources fosters a stable and healthy community. Better health for all is promoted through preventative action and early intervention, provision of accessible local health services and through supporting people to live active healthy lifestyles. Sustainable food initiatives that improve access to fresh local produce, are supported. Community expression, creativity and cultural development are encouraged. Learning is understood to be a life-long enriching process.

Our aspirations and aims

We value our strong, connected communities that support people throughout their lives, from childhood to old age. Blue Mountains people have fair and equitable access to essential services and facilities.

We have safe, healthy environments in which people of all ages, abilities and socio-economic backgrounds can live, work and play.

Our residents have access to a range of housing that meets diverse needs and is affordable.

Our ageing population is cared for and supported.

We have stemmed the outflow of younger people from the City through provision of exciting opportunities for working and learning. Building on our rich cultural heritage and inspirational unique natural environment, we are a recognised centre of culture and creativity.

By 2035 we are a more inclusive, healthy and vibrant City.


3.1: Blue Mountains communities are safe, caring, diverse and inclusive.

3.2: The Blue Mountains community is healthy and active.

3.3: The Blue Mountains community is resilient and prepared for natural disasters.

3.4: The Blue Mountains is a centre of culture, creativity and life-long learning.

Challenges and opportunities

  • Efficient, fair and equitable provision of services.
  • Services that are accessible to residents of all abilities.
  • Services and appropriate housing for residents who want to age in place.
  • Resilient communities that are able to support each other and bounce back from shocks.
  • Community facilities and services that are able to provide support in the event of a natural disaster.
  • Housing that provides residents with affordable housing options. 
  • Services that support the transition from homelessness to stable housing
  • Facilities that provide relief from extreme climate events
  • Community access to healthy affordable food choices
  • Local food initiatives - including for example community, schools and household gardening and permaculture activities.