Katoomba group fitness timetable  

6.00am Powerfit RPM™ Body Pump™ RPM™ Powerfit    
8.00am Staying Active - Strength Staying Active - Cardio Aqua   Staying Active -  Strength RPM™  
9.30am Body Pump™ Powerfit Body Pump™ Body Balance™ RPM™ Body Pump™ Body Pump™
10.00am Aqua BOOT CAMP (30 min)            
10.30am   Body Balance™ Thai Chi / Aqua   Pilates / Aqua   Body Balance™ /
11.30am Powerfit Parents Powerfit Parents          
1.00pm Low Impact Aqua            
4.30pm Core Blast            
5.15pm RPM™   Core Blast Energy Step      
6.00pm   Body Pump™ RPM™   Body Pump™    
7.00pm     Body Balance™        

See class descriptions below.

There are few things to note before you commence your first class:

  • You will need to bring along with you a towel or gym mat and water (two towels are required for RPM classes)
  • Entry into classes 5 minutes after commencement will not be allowed
  • All participants will need to complete a Pre-Exercise Questionnaire prior to participating in a class. Please allow yourself an extra 10 minutes to complete this on your first visit
  • Classes are not held on Public Holidays 
C lass Description
Body CombatTM The fiercely energetic martial arts workout where you are totally unleashed and empowered.
Body ToneTM Lets you get in shape at your own pace with a low-impact, group fitness workout that leaves you fizzing with energy.
Body PumpTM Challenge yourself with the original barbell class that strengthens and tones your entire body.
Body BalanceTM The yoga, tai chi, pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm.
Energy Step Feel liberated and alive with the energizing step workout that pushes fat burning systems into high gear.
RPMTM The indoor cycling workout where you ride to the rhythm of powerful music to a calorie burning endorphin high.
SPRINTTM 30min intense cycle class, low impact HIIT workout
Staying Active A low to moderate intensity of physical activity that lasts for one hour. Designed in conjunction with the Heart Foundation.
Core Blast A 30min high intensity class designed to work your abs.
Staying Active - Strength A program specifically tailored to the needs of the older adult, aimed at increasing Muscle Strength and Bone Mass, as well as Balance and Co-ordination.
Yoga Cultivates health & wellbeing through postures & movements, breathing exercises, relation, self-inquiry and meditation
Staying Active - Cardio A variable combination of Gym, Free Weights, Indoor/Outdoor Cardio, Mind/ Body Sessions and Water Workouts. The program is designed to promote strength, health and well being and is aimed at, but not exclusive to, our over 50’s community.
Powerfit High Intensity Interval Training class designed to get you super fit super fast.
Powerfit Parents The same class as Powerfit, however parents/carers are welcome to bring their children. Children can remain with you as you exercise or play in Kids Kingdom. You must supervise your children at all times.
Metafit 30min class that combines traditional with HIIT techniques
Power (boxing) Full body cardio and strength workout - suitable for all fitness levels
Aqua Aerobics An aerobic workout in the water! This class is ideal for increasing fitness, muscle tone and weight loss