Step One of the Toolkit is creating an Organisational Asbestos Management Policy.

Local Government Councils play an important role in eliminating or reducing health and safety risk posed by asbestos (or asbestos containing materials) by working collaboratively with the State Government and residents to address the hazardous legacy of asbestos in buildings, structures and contaminated land.  

The Model Asbestos Policy was developed to assist NSW councils to formulate an asbestos policy and to promote a consistent approach to asbestos management by Local Government across NSW. A Guide to developing an asbestos policy based on the Model Asbestos Policy has also been prepared to assist NSW councils. The Guide to the Model Asbestos Policy for NSW Councils explains how councils may tailor certain sections of the Model Asbestos Policy to formulate their asbestos policy and provides a checklist. The Guide also offers background information and advice for councils. 

Note: An Asbestos Management Policy is not an Asbestos Management Plan. An Asbestos Policy is an overarching document detailing a council's roles and responsibilities per the relevant regulations. Whereas, an Asbestos Management Plan provides detail on managing Asbestos at a specific workplace or site. For further information on Asbestos Management Plans, see Step 3 of this guide.

Click on the icon below to access the procedure for Implementing the Model Asbestos Policy.  

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The links in the table will assist you in preparing or updating your organisations Asbestos Management Policy.

Operational Procedure Tools, Templates and Guidance
 Implementing the Model Asbestos Policy  The Model Asbestos Policy for NSW Councils (2015)
 Implementing the Model Asbestos Policy  Guide to using the Model Asbestos Policy Template
 Implementing the Model Asbestos Policy  Management and Control Document
 Implementing the Model Asbestos Policy  Tool - Workflow - Adopting the Model Asbestos Policy

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