Heritage protection

The protection and management of the City’s heritage, character and landscape values, require clear guidance on development outcomes affecting heritage. Council provides this in the form of statutory controls in Council’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP 2015) and Development Control Plan

Clause 5.10(2) of LEP 2015 lists the circumstances where development consent is required to carry out works to a heritage item, Aboriginal place or object, heritage conservation area or archaeological site.

Maintenance and minor works

In certain circumstances, LEP 2015 allows for minor or maintenance works to locally listed heritage items without a development application. 

As a free service, Council provides advice and assistance to heritage property owners seeking approval for such conservation works.

Adaptive reuse and sustainability

Adaptive reuse is an innovative approach to heritage conservation and strategic planning. It incorporates sustainability initiatives by harnessing the embodied energy of existing buildings, and by adapting them to new, often contemporary purposes, whilst retaining character and conserving and enhancing heritage values.


For heritage advice contact Council’s team of heritage specialists on email council@bmcc.nsw.gov.au or phone 4780 5000.