Through its actions and contributions, the Blue Mountains Heritage Advisory Committee encourages increased community participation, awareness and appreciation of heritage in the Blue Mountains area. 

The HAC acts in an advisory capacity and has no formal delegations. It is composed of 2 Councillors and 8 - 12 community members who are appointed by the Council. 

The objectives of the Committee include: 

  • Promote heritage matters within the community, such as supporting Council to raise awareness and appreciation of the City’s cultural heritage and contributing to collective knowledge.
  • Provide advice to the Council in relation to proposed and current heritage listings, including the identification and documentation of heritage items. 
  • Provide advice on heritage policy development and administration.
  • Provide advice on heritage project development and delivery. 
  • Provide advice and assist in the establishment and administration of a Local Heritage Fund (subject to available funds).
  • Provide support for the Council in effective heritage management, such as alerting Council to heritage issues within the community, helping to preserve heritage and supporting education, awareness and capacity building. 
  • Provide expertise and evidence based advice on the management of Council’s property including heritage sites, buildings, cemeteries and cultural landscapes.
  • Assist in the development of positive economic benefits to the Blue Mountains through appropriate heritage management, including the identification and procurement of heritage grants, sustainable use and re-use of heritage items and engaging with local tourism and business on economic outcomes. 

The Terms of Reference for the Blue Mountains Heritage Advisory Committee, as well as the minutes for Committee meetings held during this past year, are listed below.

For further queries or to obtain a copy of earlier meeting minutes, please contact Council on 4780 5000 or