Traffic and parking surveys are scheduled to commence on Thursday, 17 February 2022 at the Hazelbrook Village car park.


Blue Mountains City Council has engaged a traffic consultant to undertake these surveys to understand existing use of the car park and assess the need for further parking improvements for businesses and residents.

The traffic and parking surveys will be undertaken over approximately one week. The data from these surveys will be used to assist in assessing the current parking occupancy, turnover and existing infrastructure.


The traffic survey should not have any impact on nearby businesses or customers during the survey period. Please note that there may be equipment and personnel on site during the survey period.


It is acknowledged that COVID-19 may impact the car park activity and this will be addressed in the parking study.


To see the survey study area, please refer to the attached map below.


For further information about the traffic survey contact Senior Transport Engineer, Isabella Kim, at



Background information:


This survey follows the upgrade of the car park at Hazelbrook Village in the first half of 2021 to improve traffic flow and increase safety.


Traffic changes to be aware of:
· Traffic now runs one way from the highway and exits at the north of the car park. Here vehicles can turn right at Stuart Place, then left or right into Rosedale Avenue. Please note: Stuart Place is now one way.
· There is a new loading zone at the entrance to the car park from the highway for improved access/delivery for local business.
· Pedestrian refuges and ‘shared zones’ have been created.
· New line markings have been added to all entrances and exits to the car park (at the Great Western Highway, at the lower car park and at Rosedale Avenue).  New line markings for carpark spaces are now in line with Australian standards.
· Signage at the intersection of Stuart Place and Rosedale Avenue will direct vehicles (either eastbound to Sydney, or westbound to Katoomba/Lithgow).  



The upgrade is the first stage of changes outlined in Hazelbrook Village Masterplan, endorsed in 2018. Future stages are yet to be scoped and designed.




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