General information 

You can read the full terms and conditions of hire here

Notice of Booking Request

A minimum of ten (10) working days notice is required to process a booking request.

Inspection of Facilities

Inspection of the centre is by appointment only. Contact Council during business hours on 4780 5000.

Cancellation of Bookings

Twenty-five (25%) of the hire fees will be retained by Council if cancellation of the booking by the hirer is less than one week (5 working days) prior to the date of hire.

Council reserves the right to cancel the booking but this right will only be exercised in extenuating circumstances.  

Invoicing for regular hirers

Regular hirers are to be invoiced monthly.

Security Guards

Hirer to pay for engagement of Security Guards who are licensed, when guards need to be at a function. The number of guards is dependent on the number of attendees. Refer to High risk events on the Booking request form. 

Special considerations 

Public Liability  

Public Liability Insurance cover may be required. For more information please refer to the terms and conditions of hire on the Booking Request forms. 

Liquor License

A Liquor License is required for functions where alcohol will be sold. 

Noise Restrictions  

Unless otherwise stated in the Conditions of Hire all noise must cease at 12 midnight 

Vacation of premises  

Unless stated otherwise in the Conditions of Hire all premises must be vacated by 12 - 12:30 am

Kitchen ware  

Crockery and cutlery are not provided. It is the responsibility of the hirer to organise the equipment for their function. 


P.A. systems are only available in Blaxland Community Centre, Mid Mountains Community Centre and Wentworth Falls School of Arts. 

Electrical Equipment  

Electrical equipment brought into a hall must be tested and tagged prior to the hire date. 


Hirers must leave the premises clean and tidy. 

Smoke Machines

Smoke, fog or haze machines or any other equipment liable to activate the fire alarm system are not permitted.