Blue Mountains City Council currently has a Minor Local Project Fund and a Mayoral Contingency Fund which is administered by Councillors. This fund is to help local community-based organisations and not-for-profits provide funds to projects that require investments of under $500.00. 

Councillors receive $2000 dollars a year, with the Mayor receiving another $7000 to allocate to local community-based non-for-profits and charities. Please note that your application will be reviewed and may be not accepted due to Councillor discretion or lack of Councillor funds.

To apply for this fund, applicants must download the form below, complete and send it to the relevant Councillor in their Ward for assessment and approval. Click here to view Councillor Ward and contact information.

Only applicants that fulfill the below criteria will be eligible to receive funding from the MLP fund. 
a)    Donations or contributions will only be provided to charitable and non-profit community/organisations;
b)    Applicants must have an address within the Blue Mountains LGA and the project must be for the local community;
c)    Applicants must have evidence of appropriate banking facilities associated with the organisation that is requesting the funds (support may not be provided directly to individuals);
d)    Applicants must use the funds only for what has been applied for, if the project or event is cancelled, the funds will need to be returned to Council; and
e)    Documentation for reconciliation must be lodged with Council within 3 months of payment.

Once the forms are approved by Councillors and comply with all of the requirements, a request is sent to Council for endorsement.

For further information please contact or phone Council on 4780 5520 and ask for a meeting with a Councillor Support Officer.