People often feel disconnected from each other, at the best of times.

And now, with the escalating COVID-19 situation yet again and more and more people having to isolate, it can be even harder to reach out to those around you.

That’s why Blue Mountains City Council runs Good Neighbour.

What is Good Neighbour?

Good Neighbour is a small way we can help you build or maintain connections with your neighbours, and even make a few friendships along the way.

Good relationships can transform communities and knowing our neighbours is important. It makes our neighbourhood safer and also makes us feel better because social connections help prevent loneliness, isolation and depression.

This is relevant now more than ever, as we all hunker down to weather the COVID-19 pandemic for the third year in a row.

How can you be a Good Neighbour?

It’s really easy. 

Just learning each other’s names and saying a quick hello across the fence, at a safe distance, is all it takes to start building a relationship.

And in the current COVID-19 lifestyle, you can also lend a helping hand to those around you.

If you have a neighbour who is self-isolating, especially those in the vulnerable and at risk categories, fill out the Good Neighbour calling card to let them know you’re around if they need anything to help get them through.

What help you can offer is up to you – there’s a range of options you can tick on the card, whether it’s picking up some groceries or supplies, walking their dog or just having a friendly chat over the phone.

Thanks to Penrith City Council for being a Good Neighbour and sharing this wonderful initiative with us.

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