Location: Park Street, Glenbrook

The theme of the Glenbrook Park is ‘Family’.

With a new playground for young children, as well as play equipment suitable for older children, this park offers a great day out for the family.

Glenbrook Park includes a sportsground which provides plenty of space to kick a ball and have a picnic.

It is also close to Glenbrook Main Street with a multitude of cafes and food outlets, Glenbrook Cinema and Glenbrook Tourism Visitors Information Centre.

The new junior playground at Glenbrook Park is inspired by early forms of transport. It includes: 

  • A horse sculpture called ‘Henrietta’.
  • Climbing apparatus inspired by when Glenbrook was called ‘Watertank’, when trains used to stop in Glenbrook to collect water.
  • A sensory trail which includes a variety of items from trains that can be touched and moved.  These have been mounted at wheelchair height to ensure accessibility.
  • Railway tracks used as balance beams.
  • A set of railway luggage scales used as a small platform or stage for small children.
  • Horse shoes, including large shoes from a cart horse, and
  • Railway sleepers and fettler’s cart wheels, used in the construction of the park.


There is a small bike path, as well as picnic benches, accessible public toilets, BBQs and shelter.

District parks

Council continues to improve its four major District Parks to provide higher quality public park spaces that are more accessible, inclusive and have better quality of design and amenities.

Each of these parks will embrace a theme to create a range of experiences across the mountains that builds on each park’s current strength and setting.

Smoke Free Playgrounds

To provide a healthy environment for children, all play equipment at Blue Mountains parks are now smoke free. Smoking is prohibited within 10 metres of any play equipment.

Glenbrook Park Junior Playground - Survey and Audit

Following community concerns, Council undertook a survey, and commissioned an independent audit, regarding the new junior playground at Glenbrook Park. 

Thank you to all those who took the time to provide comment and constructive criticism. For a summary of the survey results please see below

Some of the issues raised, related to comparisons with multi-million dollar projects in other Council areas where more funding was available. There is no capacity to increase the play equipment in the short term.

Other comments raised were in regards to safety or accessibility. It is proposed to close the playground and address these matters. The closure will occur directly after the school holidays. Works will commence Monday 23 July and be completed within one week (weather dependent). 

The proposed amendments are:

  • First gap in the fence – fence it off completely
  • Second gap in the fence – change to a gate with childproof latch
  • Existing gate in fence – change latch to a childproof latch
  • Dead tree  – remove and replace with new tree
  • Sound panel – lower panel to make it more accessible
  • Loose gravel – clean up and stabilise
  • “Mini-steps” – remove
  • Clatter bridge – re-install and place rocks to discourage running off bridge directly into swings
  • Railway sleepers – further round the ends