Our Bush Backyards scheme provides support, training opportunities, workshops, and advice to landholders committed to the conservation of native plants, animals and bushland on their properties.

Bush Backyards aims to help enhance and protect the natural values across the Blue Mountains, particularly on private land. We encourage the community to take active custodianship of bushland on their property.

So you have bushland in your backyard?

Exotic plants and soil erosion are just two things that can create major problems in our World Heritage bushland areas. These can replace and smother native plants, which leads to a reduction in local biodiversity, destruction of animal habitat and degradation of the beauty of the bush.

  • Do you need help to manage weeds more effectively than you already are?
  • Are you interested in biodiversity and conservation, and learning more about the bushland where you live?
  • Do you know if you have protected native vegetation on your property?
  • Would you like to know the best way to tackle weeds on your property?
  • Have you wondered how to improve habitat for native wildlife?
  • Would you like to meet like-minded people in the Mountains?
  • Are you already managing weeds or other issues in your backyard bushland?

Who can take part?

  • Schools
  • Commercial Properties
  • Rural landholders and semi-rural farmland
  • Residential landowners

How can you join?

The most important criteria for inclusion in the Bush Backyards scheme is your commitment to manage your property in such a way which pursues the enhancement and improvement of native bushland.

An underlying principle of the scheme is that people manage their own properties. We can help to determine if this program will be suitable for you by visiting your property.

Further information

Council's Community Weed’s Officer

Phone: 4780 5612

Email: lthomas@bmcc.nsw.gov.au


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