Local Government Election Results

As per clause 356(3)(a) of the Local Government Regulations, the Blue Mountains City Council advises the outcome of the December 2021 Local Government Elections.. 

The newly elected Council Members are:

Ward One
Suzie Van Opdorp
Sarah Redshaw
Kevin Schreiber

Ward Two
Romola Hollywood
Claire West
Brent Hoare

Ward Three
Mick Fell
Roza Sage
Daniel Myles

Ward Four
Mark Greenhill
Nyree Fisher
Brendan Christie

Extraordinary Council Meeting – Oath of Office and Election of the Mayor

An Extraordinary Council Meeting was held on 23 December 2021 in order for incoming members of the Governing Body to take the Oath of Office and to elect the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Alternative Deputy Mayor for Blue Mountains City Council.

The Council elected the following Councillors: 

Mark Greenhill as Mayor
Romola Hollywood as Deputy Mayor                        
Sarah Redshaw as Alternate Deputy Mayor        
Brendan Christie as Alternate Deputy Mayor