Did you know that council offers an effluent pump-out service for on-site sewage management systems, for Blue Mountains City Council residents, and those in surrounding LGAs.
Not all properties are connected to sewer, and therefore must have an on-site sewerage management system to treat and process the household's wastewater. While some systems are able to disperse the effluent on-site, others require the waste to be collected and disposed of. 
Correct maintenance and effluent disposal are essential to the health and safety of the community and the environment, and the installation, operation, and management of on-site systems are regulated activities under the Local Government Act 1993 and Local Government (General) Regulation 2021. 
Both Council and the owner have responsibilities under these requirements, which extend to concurrent owners and occupiers. 

Do I need this service?

Septic tanks are a popular on-site sewerage management system, and where they are directed to a storage tank, are required to be pumped out regularly by a commercial contractor under an annual contract.
If you are still unsure, check the conditions of your property's most recent "approval to operate", or contact Council on 4780 5000


Sullage Removal – per 100 litres Commercial Premises $5.40
Service Charge Private Residence Only (up to 4,000 litres) $350.00
Additional Sullage Removal Private Residence (per 100 litres after initial 4,000 litres) $5.40
Emergency Equipment Hire (per hour – including travel) $465.00

Related Council Approvals

The installation of any on-site sewage management system is subject to Council approval. 

An "approval to operate" must be obtained from Council every 5 years, which requires the landowner to take all reasonable steps to minimise transmission of disease, pollution of water and degradation of land as a result of sewage management activity.  It requires the landowner to inform Council about those activities and pay fees to contribute to Council's costs of managing the cumulative impact of sewage pollution.

 For more information about applying to install an on-site system, please click here.

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Did You Know?

There are over 21,000 onsite wastewater management systems in the Sydney drinking water catchment. Ensuring onsite wastewater management systems are well maintained helps protect the Sydney drinking water quality of approximately 5 million people in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Shoalhaven and Goulburn (Water NSW).