Vicki Reynolds is a dedicated early childhood educator who has been with Blue Mountains Family Day Care since 2010. Family Day Care allows Vicki to focus her energy on a small number of children where she can get to know each child and tailor her program to their individual needs. She offers a nurturing, play-focused environment from her home on her spacious property just outside Oberon town centre.

What do you like best about being a Family Day Care educator? 

The children. The children are the reason I do it. Having that close relationship with them; in the smaller groups you really get to know them.

How long have you been an educator?

I joined Blue Mountains Family Day Care in 2010 and before that I was at Bathurst Family Day Care for a couple of years. I have a certificate in childcare studies, updated to a diploma, and before having my own children I worked at pre-school in Bathurst. So it’s been a long-term career.

Do you have any particular philosophy around early childhood education?

Children learn best in warm, clean, comfortable and welcoming environments to provide them with a strong sense of belonging. Their learning should be unhurried, based on their own individual interests and abilities at that time. These unique abilities and interests should be the guiding light in their education and they should be active participants and decision makers in their learning. They should enjoy these early years, without pressure, and learn in their own way and time. I believe children learn through play.

I recognise that children belong to different communities according to their family, extended family, religious group, childcare services and school. These communities needs to be supported and we should work collaboratively to provide children with a sense of belonging. I believe in respecting each child’s culture, lifestyle, customs, language, and beliefs and I aim to understand the individual needs of each child in my service.

What can your service offer that’s different to say, larger centres?

It’s the personalisation with the child and their families. You really get to know them individually and in-depth. Being able to have that quality time, even at pick up and drop off.

Also, I am very flexible. No matter what I have planned for the day, if the children or their family has an idea I am ready to run with it.

What do the children love about your service?

The consistency, I think, with the educator. They know when they come here it’s going to be me. Also they get to see the same small amount of friends they know so well. 

We also like science. Anything from erupting ? volcanoes, to balloon rockets ?, to bubbles and rainbows in milk!

What’s the best thing about working with children? 

Seeing their progress is what I’m enjoying the most. Watching how they develop according to their own individual interests and abilities.


If you are interested in becoming an educator with Blue Mountains Family Day Care, or would like to find a place for your child in the service, please email us at or call 4780 5652