Listed are background and supporting studies endorsed by the Council.

Year Name Outline Download
2020 Blue Mountains Character Statement The Blue Mountains Character Statement expresses what the community value most about a place. It defines existing valued elements of character and sets a desired future character that then aligns with planning rules. Download
2020 Blue Mountains Character Study This character study contains data insights that confirm that the best way to identify and plan for character is to consider each village as a separate and distinct entity with a unique character. This village by village review was then used to inform the Local Character Statement. Download
2020 Blue Mountains Local Housing Strategy The Local Housing Strategy examines the unique and important qualities of our villages. It seeks to understand the housing needs of the local community and analyses whether the current local planning framework can meet those needs for both now and into the future. Download
2013 Residential Subdivision Study

The Subdivision Strategy was first prepared in 2002 as part of the development of draft LEP 2005.

The 2013 review determined the policy position of the Council towards maintaining the current subdivision potential of land currently zoned under LEP 1991.

2012 Rural Lands Planning Study

The objectives of the study included maintaining and enhancing the diversity of native flora, fauna and waterways, managing the impact of development, improving community access to health, recreation and sporting facilities, keeping rural residents safe from hazards, respecting European and Indigenous heritage and adopting affordable levels of services.

2012 Employment Lands Study The Employment Lands Study gave understanding of factors that have influenced the development of employment lands. The study investigated the existing situation of the employment lands and made recommendations on an appropriate strategic direction to stimulate development of employment lands. Download
2011 Strategic Tourism and Recreational Planning Study

The study seeks to address the need for encouraging new and innovative tourism and recreation development and to identify ways to address conflicts with existing planning controls.

A number of key findings are noted, including the Blue Mountains National Park has the highest visitation of any Australian national park.

2010 Residential Development Strategy The Residential Development Strategy (RDS) was first prepared in 1996 and updated in 2002 and 2010. The 2010 review gave an understanding of current demographics and associated socio-economic indicators around housing needs and preferences across the local government area. Download
2002 Accessible Housing Strategy Outlines Councils plan to provide housing for older people and people with a disability in within the Blue Mountains. Download
2002 Residential Character Study

The study identifies and locates the types of character that are important to residential areas of the Blue Mountains.

It provides a methodology and rationale for the application of each character type. It also provided the base information for the application of the Living Conservation and Living Bushland Conservation zones in LEP 2005.