Every good design works from the character and conditions of the land. Before you begin to design your proposal find out whether the type of development proposed is permissible in the zone. Use Council's interactive maps Property Map Search for site and zoning information. Then refer to the permissible land uses in the relevant Local Environmental Plan (LEP) [Planning Rules.]

The maps also reference building heights, floor space ratios and so on. They identify whether the property has sensitive vegetation, a heritage item, or is bushfire prone. The maps relate to the LEP. The LEP sets out the objectives of the zone and other matters to be considered. The Development Control Plan (DCP) then provides detailed controls based on the zoning of the land, whether there are any protected areas and the type of development proposed. If you need help navigating the process speak to one of our town planners.

Once you know the constraints of the site and the development standards, you can start to design your proposal.