As part of the building process you will need to engage a Certifier. Certifiers ensure that building works meet construction standards and are safe, accessible and energy efficient.

Make us your certifier of choice

Let our team of independent, qualified building certifiers work alongside you for the length of your building project. That includes certifying design plans, completing onsite compliance inspections or final sign-off that the building meets code and is move-in ready.

We are with you every step of the way.

Blue Mountains Building Certifiers are backed by Council and operate only in this local government area. So we know the unique issues affecting development in the Mountains. As part of our building certification service to you we offer:

  • The latest information and advice on building codes and construction standards.
  • Explanation of the technical requirements of the development consent.
  • Certification of design plans (via a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate).
  • Progress inspections on construction work.
  • Issue of an occupation certificate.

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