Blue Mountains Building Certifiers has been providing competitive building certification services to the Blue Mountains region for over 20 years. 

We offer a friendly and efficient service and are responsive to customer’s needs. Our experience and knowledge of the industry will assist you in achieving quality project outcomes in a local context. Being part of Blue Mountains City Council also provides clients the assurance of consistent advice and security that we will be here when you need us. We offer a range of building and development certification services for all types of commercial, industrial and residential development, including:

  • issue of construction certificates
  • issue of complying development certificates 
  • acting as principal certifier
  • carrying out of all critical stage inspections
  • issue of occupation certificates

To enquire about our services or for a certification quote please contact us during business hours on (02) 4780 5422 or email: 

Blue Mountains Building Certifiers are registered with NSW Fair Trading.

Name Registration number
Adam Boyes BDC1779
Paul Buttigieg BDC3192
Ian Catto BDC0979
Brad Donough  BDC1341
Sam Hahn BDC2860
Rob Hoffman BDC1336
Stephen Krimmer BDC2028
Kai McRae BDC1506
Mark Radovic  BDC2899
Daniel Roberts  BDC1343

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