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We strive to provide an outstanding level of service in construction certification. Our team of specialists undertake progress inspections at key stages during the build.

Progress inspections are mandatory and for good reason. It gives a degree of certainty that the works are safe and compliant with building codes. Listed in our agreement with you are hold points for inspection. With as little as one working days’ notice a building specialist will meet you onsite. Call us on 4780 5422 (during business hours) to book your next inspection.

Before site works start

At least two days before commencing works on the site you will need to submit a ‘Notice of Commencement’. This is your sign off to the pre-construction conditions in the development consent.

For example, you may need to give us a copy of Sydney Water stamped plans, or install sediment controls. Factor these into your project timeline so that the first inspection is not delayed.

Final inspection

Before booking your final inspection make sure that you provide us with all the certifications required. For example, certification that termite treatment or building fire safety measures are operational. Or that the installations meet energy efficiency commitments (BASIX).

After the final inspection gets the tick, apply online for an Occupation Certificate via the NSW Planning Portal. Added fees apply.

Inspection results

Inspection results are emailed direct to the builder immediately following the inspection.