The Blue Mountains can be easily navigated by bike if you’re riding on flat terrain, you should be able to cover around 2-3km in 10 minutes.

The bicycle routes on the Cycling in the Blue Mountains Map are recommended for on road and off road routes and shared paths. Some streets are already marked with bike lanes, logos or signage and forms part of a comprehensive bicycle network across the City. The map also includes an extensive number of mountain bike trails with reference to the Muddy Trails Maps for full details.  

Interacting with vehicles while riding on the road, particularly on major roads like the Great Western Highway, Hawkesbury Road and the Darling Causeway can be very busy and intimidating.

If you find them too busy and feel unsafe riding on them try using some of the quieter local roads. Where possible, we have recommended routes that avoid these busier roads to make your trip more enjoyable and safer.

If you have any suggestion for making improvements to this map or to the Blue Mountains Bicycle Network, please contact Council on 4780 5000.