With the introduction of the Crown Land Management Act 2016, Council was appointed Crown Land Manager for many Crown reserves.

The Act requires Council to manage the Crown Reserves as public lands in accordance with the Local Government Act. The Council was required to:

  • Classify the land as operational or community land (complete)
  • Assign categories to the community land (complete)
  • Develop and adopt Plans of Management (PoMs) for the Crown Reserves classified as community land (in progress)

The PoMs are not proposing changes to the Crown Reserves. They are intended to formalise existing use arrangements.

Find out more about the Draft Public Land Plans of Managements Project.

Background information

This project responds to the Crown Land Management Act 2016 (CLM Act) and regulations, which came into effect on 1 July 2018.

The CLM Act requires all councils in NSW to act as ‘Crown land manager’ and manage appointed Crown land reserves as ‘Community land’ under the Local Government Act 1993 (LG Act). 

BMCC has classified these reserves as ‘community land’ and categorised according to its current and intended use. Categories are described in the LG Act – sportsground, park, general community use, or natural area (with sub-category of bushland, escarpment, watercourse or wetland).  Current Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping directly informed Council’s categorisation process and were approved by the Minister of Crown Lands (Department of Planning, Industry and Environment) in 2020.

A Plan of Management must address the essential requirements of the LG Act. It describes the current condition and use of the site, permits or prohibits activities and manages use including utilising leases, licences or other estates. It describes how the sites are currently managed according to each appropriate category. 

In 2018 Council was appointed Crown land manager for 129 Crown reserves, as ‘Community’ land. In addition, there are 7 Crown land reserves classified as ‘Operational’ crown land (mainly bush fire brigade buildings and waste disposal sites). It should be noted that unlike Council-owned operational land, Council cannot sell or trade operational Crown land. There are also 19 Crown Land Reserves managed by Council but ‘devolved’ to Council and Plan of Managements are not required.

BMCC has written 70 draft plans for Crown Community land and 34 draft plans for Council Community Land, including several Generic draft plans. Except for reserves with City deal projects, no change to current management is proposed.

Community Land Management Guidelines have also been written to provide background information on strategic planning, policies and other council documents that also more generally inform the management of public land.

These draft documents are being placed on Public Exhibition throughout 2022. The Exhibition period provides opportunity for community comment. 

Updated documents and reports on the submissions received during the Public Exhibition will be then sent to the Minister for ministerial approval for Council adoption.

Once adopted, all plans will be publicly available on the BMCC website. When the project is completed, Council will have a current comprehensive and coordinated series of plans for Council and Crown community land that meet current legislative requirements.