Review of Council managed crown land and community land

This review is currently underway and we aim to deliver the project by June 2021. The review has been prompted by changes under the Crown Land Management Act 2016 and Crown Land Management Regulation 2018, which came into effect on 1 July 2018.
There will be no change to the current use of land in the Blue Mountains, but the legislation seeks to improve the governance and management of Crown land across NSW. Among other things, it authorises Councils that are appointed to manage dedicated or reserved Crown land, to plan for it as if it were public land under the Local Government Act 1993.

There is a significant volume of work for all NSW councils associated with implementing this change. 

There are two main stages of the project:

Stage One 

Endorsed by Council at the February 2020 meeting - the nomination of multiple management categories for Crown land managed by Council. This included mapping to illustrate how multiple categories have been applied and was based on existing GIS Council mapping. 129 crown land reserves with nominated categories and appropriate maps have now been sent to the Minister of Crown Lands as land owner to review. 

For more information please refer to Item 8 in the business paper from the Ordinary Council Meeting on 25 February 2020, where Council endorsed the multiple categorisation of Crown Land.

Stage Two

To be completed by June 2021- involves the preparation of Plans of Managements for Crown land reserves managed by Council as community land. This does not include reserves that devolve to Council. It is proposed to also include refreshed Plans of Management for Council-owned community land. A set of integrated management documents will be delivered which comply with legislative requirements. Overarching Community Land Management Guidelines are also being developed and these will inform individual Plans of Managements for each Crown and Council reserve. Undeveloped natural area Community land will be addressed in a generic Plan of Management for Community Land Natural Areas.  

Council has proposed multiple categories for 129 Crown reserves managed as Community land.

In addition to this, there are seven Crown land reserves now classified as Operational crown land. These are bush fire brigade buildings and waste disposal sites. This means that Council can continue the current uses of the land more in keeping with the Crown land management objectives. However, unlike Council-owned operational land, Council cannot sell or trade operational Crown land.

There are also are 19 Crown Land Reserves managed by Council where management is devolved to Council, which do not require a Plan of Management to be prepared.

As Plans of Managements are written, community stakeholders will be consulted. The draft documents will then be presented to Council to be placed on Public Exhibition seeking community comment. Final documents will then be prepared reflecting appropriate community comments and these will be reported to council seeking adoption.