The Aboriginal Advisory Council (AAC) provides advice to us on matters that are significant to the Blue Mountains Aboriginal community.

BMCC Aboriginal Advisory Council

We also seek advice from the AAC when there are matters important to the Council that involve the Aboriginal community.

The AAC has been established to provide:

  • An opportunity where Aboriginal peoples voices can be heard on issues relating to the Councils polices, plans and services and Aboriginal Communities needs and priorities;
  • A robust communication mechanism, between the Council and the Aboriginal communities; and
  • A meaningful engagement and relationship between the Council and the Aboriginal communities.

Aboriginal Advisory Council Strategic Plan to 2020

‘Pathways’ has been developed by the AAC and the Council as a working document to guide the direction of the AAC and to achieve a shared vision and outcomes to respond to key trends while also addressing, where possible, issues faced by the local Aboriginal Community. 

‘Pathways’ aims to deliver the vision of the AAC which is that:

“The Aboriginal Advisory Council works in partnership with the Council and other stakeholders in caring for the health, wellbeing and prosperity of our people and our Ngurra (Country) within the Blue Mountains LGA.”

The AAC meets a number of times throughout the year at a number of different locations in the Blue Mountains.

You can download  'Pathways - BMCC Aboriginal Advisory Council Strategic Plan to 2020' below.

Further information

If you would like more information about the AAC or to contact the committee please email