Join the Compost Hub!

The Compost Hub is an interactive online platform that connects households that are not composting with households that are. During a nine-week trial in 2017, over 1,000kgs of food scraps were diverted from landfill. Participants noted how much less waste went into their red bin, the satisfaction of reusing their food scraps and the community building aspect of the scheme.

Did you know that:

  • Hundreds of tonnes of food waste from our red garbage bin goes into our local landfill each week? In landfill, food waste takes up valuable space, generates carbon emissions and causes other environmental impacts which are expensive to manage. 
  • Community composting helps us use food scraps the way nature intended, by returning valuable nutrients to the soil. 
  • Results from Council's 2019 Waste Audit found that over 35% of waste collected from household garbage bins was food waste, which could have been avoided or composted.

Join now and...

  • Create a community compost hub in your area. If you love composting and can accept extra food scraps, or if you don't compost (due to lack of space or time) but want to keep your food scraps out of landfill, you've come to the right place!
  • Receive free compost bins and kitchen caddies on request. These are available to Champions for the formation of NEW compost hubs. See the terms and conditions for eligibility.
  • Help to divert food scraps away from landfill and return nutrients back to the soil.

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Alternatively, you may print a form to post or hand deliver to Council.