Blue Mountains Transport Guide

This guide outlines what transport options are available to people in the Blue Mountains. It includes information on:

  • Where do I get information about community transport?
  • What bike or walking groups can I join?
  • How can I access medical transport?
  • What groups can I join to get active / voice my views about transport issues?

Pedestrian Access Mobility Plan 2025 – An Infrastructure Strategy Plan

This Blue Mountains Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan 2025 has been developed to identify priorities and infrastructure needs to enable the Blue Mountains to realise its 25 year Vision.

The PAMP has been prepared in response to the community-endorsed Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025 - The Community Strategic Plan, which sets out the vision, principles and outcomes that are critical to the Blue Mountains.

The unique nature of the Blue Mountains in terms of its World Heritage environment, rugged terrain, physical shape and scale and regional context have been key criteria in the development of the Blue Mountains Pedestrian Access & Mobility Plan.

The Plan is structured along six key components, which are integrated through a common implementation strategy. All six steps must work together to achieve the primary goals of increasing the number of pedestrian trips made in the City of the Blue Mountains, as a percentage of total trips, by 2025 and reducing the number of pedestrian crashes and casualties and; to realise the vision of the City of the Blue Mountains.

Each step is based on a guiding principal, which describes the overall importance of this component to the whole plan. Each principal is supported by a set of objectives to measure success and individual actions have been identified from each of these objectives.